Milagro Cantina (Kirkland, WA)

milagro cantina

This time we’re over on the east side at Milagro Cantina. Got these about 10:45 right before the kitchen closed so they were a little cold, but still bomb. Price was above the fish taco norm at $15, so no bueno there. They actually list all their tacos at $13, but apparently add on $1 for each fish taco. It sounds confusing because it is. Anyways, we’re grubbin’ Mahi Mahi again! After writing about not knowing what Mahi Mahi is last review, I received several texts/facebook posts informing me that it is a huge green crazy looking fish from Hawaii with a flat face. How that ugly bastard turns into such a delicious fish taco is beyond me. I’m also fairly unsure what herb slaw is, but let me tell you it is every bit as good and mysterious as it sounds. Add in some fresh Pico, which they did, and you got yourself a pretty nice little fish taco. The best part about this place was the health factor actually. And the fact that I was sitting next to some sort of burning tree in a pond full of lights. It sounds confusing because it is. But it was awesome, the whole look of this place is super dope. Back to the health factor though. They came with corn tortillas, grilled fish, fresh pico, fresh herb slaw and were entirely gluten free. Super healthy. Even came with the option of a house salad or a third taco. I grabbed the salad but realistically should have been a man and ordered the third taco. We all make mistakes.

Taste: 4/5. Health: 5/5. Price: 2/5.

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