Easy Joe’s American Pub (Seattle, WA)

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Easy Joe’s you have saved the day. The fish taco gods have been throwin’ me curveballs lately, but I finally got a fastball down the middle. I stepped out of the office with my friend Lilly for lunch a little bit ago and she directed us to Easy Joe’s right down the street. Thank goodness. These tacos were pretty healthy and they were the cheapest ones I’ve encountered thus far at $8.95. They went super simple on ’em, but I think that’s the secret. Mahi Mahi cooked perfectly, some coleslaw and some pico. The trifecta of the fish taco world. The only downside was the tortilla chips they came with, but hey, this isn’t a tortilla chip review blog so we’re good! Nice work Mr. Easy Joe.

Taste 4/5. Health 4/5. Price 5/5.

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