Duke’s Chowder House (Seattle, WA)

photo (5)

Right when we pulled the boat up to the Dukes in Lake Union I had a good feeling about my soon to be fish taco adventure, and god damn was I right. The biggest problem I had was deciding between the two wonderful taco de pescado options laid out in front of me. After much deliberation, I went with my gut instinct and ordered the Blackened Bering Sea Cod Tacos. Good decision. Great decision. The fish was cooked literally perfect. I mean Jessica Alba perfect. They also served it up with avocado which is a huge plus and some cucumber pico de gallo. Top all that off with some feta cheese and tequila lime aioli (AKA something so delicious Jesus himself probably invented for the last supper back in the day) and you have yourself one of the most phenomenal fish tacos ever. Served on corn tortillas so all in all it was also pretty healthy. The only two downsides were the price, which was a little above the norm at $15.90, and they weren’t very spicy. Other than that, well done Sir Duke. Until we meet again…..

Taste 5/5. Health 4/5. Price 2/5.

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