Campbells (Chelan, WA)

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Our first review from outside the greater Seattle metropolitan area! My friend Zach and I are in Chelan for the weekend so we decided to swing through the top spot in town, Campbells. Very glad we made this decision. These fish tacos were top tier, for real. I must have good karma rollin right now, because that’s three spots in a row I’ve hit the jackpot. The fish was Ahi, and it was blackened and seared at the same damn time. So the outside was blackened and the inside was still raw. In other words, the outside was gold and the inside was platinum. Some of the best cooked fish I’ve had in awhile. It came served up with chipolte slaw, cilantro, and some sort of out of this world pineapple-haberno sauce all on corn tortillas. The cool/slightly frustrating thing about these though was that they were served up fajita style, as in a plate of fish, slaw, cilantro & sauce with the tortillas on the side. Pretty healthy and only slightly above the norm at $15. Mr. Campbell, I salute you.

Taste 5/5. Health 3/5. Price 3/5.

Campbell's Resort, 2nd Floor Pub & Veranda on Urbanspoon


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