BLT Burger (Las Vegas, NV)

photo (7)

You know I had to sneak one in while I was out in Vegas! We stopped in at a spot in our hotel called BLT Burger so I decided to give it a run. I was a little skeptical because this place is obviously a burger/sandwich spot, but they came through! These things were super simple, which in the fish taco world is generally the way to go. They came with crispy Mahi Mahi, pico and some sort of super bomb avocado relish. I love avocado and even when it’s combined with something weird like relish, I like to do what I commonly refer to as “lose my god damn mind”. The only downside to these is that the fish was cooked crispy, so not super healthy, but they were served on corn tortillas. Now on to one of the best parts, $12! You can barely buy a bottle of water for $12 in Vegas, let alone three delicious fish tacos! Not too bad for a burger joint in Sin City. I’m impressed.

Taste 3/5. Health 2/5. Price 5/5.

BLT Burger on Urbanspoon


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