Poquitos (Seattle, WA)

photo (2)

We were up on Cap Hill for a show at Neumos, so you know we had to swing through Poquitos for some fish tacos and a beer (or some red wine if you’re my friends Bart and Grant, still confused on this). The fish tacos Gods have once again delivered me a miracle. I do not know what kind of fish these tacos were rockin, but it was grilled to perfection. Like Seahawks stomping the Niners last sunday type perfection. They were served up with pickled (that’s right pickled) cabbage, cilantro (my favorite thing on earth) and some good ole’ fashioned pico de gallo all on corn tortillas. Incredibly bomb and incredibly healthy. On the downside though, also incredibly expensive at $15.95. Change that price tag around a little bit and these guys could have been in competition for the number one spot.

Taste 4/5. Health 5/5. Price 2/5.

Poquitos on Urbanspoon


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