Yard House (Seattle, WA)

photo (6)

We stopped in one of my favorite spots downtown, Yard House, to catch the UW-Oregon game, so I of course had to try out the Baja Fish Tacos. I really had high hopes for these just from eye-balling the menu and being that it’s one of my favorite spots, but I experienced a classic case of being let down. Everything about these tacos was awesome, except for the most important part: the fish. Lemon sriracha aioli (super bomb), green cabbage, cilantro (you already know my thoughts on cilantro), pico and guacamole are basically all the exact perfect things to put on/in a fish taco. But damn, they basically served them up with breaded fish sticks. Just not the greatest thing in the world. They were still overall pretty good and had a pretty good price tag at $10.50. Yard House if y’all switch that fish game up,  you’re lookin’ at some next level tacos.

Taste 3/5. Health 2/5. Price 4/5.

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