Peso’s Kitchen and Lounge (Seattle, WA)

photo (2)

It’s about time I made it into Pesos for a review! Always been one of my favorite spots in Seattle and I had no doubt their fish tacos were gonna be fire. We were here with the whole crew for my friend Sam’s birthday on Monday night and the only real trouble I had was dealing with my friend Sam (love you dude) and choosing between Peso’s three or four different fish options. I opted for the Yucatan style spicy rockfish, and I opted correctly. The fish was cooked perfectly and it was the spiciest trio of fish tacos I’ve encountered thus far. Kept it real simple and traditional as well with pico, cabbage, raddish, and a lime, all on corn tortillas. Spicy, healthy and affordable at $12. I am impressed Senor Peso.

Taste 5/5. Health 4/5. Price 4/5.

Peso's Kitchen and Lounge on Urbanspoon


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