Twigs (Seattle, WA)

photo (3)

Been hearin’ about this spot for awhile now so I figured it was time I finally stopped in for a quick dinner with the fellas. I’ve never come across Argentinean fish tacos before, but if this is how all of Argentina is doin’ it, they are doin’ it right. The mahi mahi was cooked and marinated in more things than I can even begin to understand, but god damn was it good. Roasted ancho garlic I believe it was, confusing and delicious all at the same time. The coolest part about these was that each piece of fish came on a stick in the shape of teepee and they were in true DIY form with coleslaw on the side. The price was slightly high, but the presentation alone was worth the $13.99! Served on flour tortillas and could have been a little warmer by the time they made it to me, but overall pretty damn good!

Taste 4/5. Health 3/5. Price 3/5.

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