Pike Place Chowder (Seattle, WA)

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Normally I love this place, but this is only the second time I’ve eaten at their Pacific Place Mall location and I wasn’t too impressed. The service was slow and the fish tacos were a wreck. The fish was supposed to be blackened but came grilled with absolutely no seasoning whatsoever. They also loaded the fish and the slaw on different ends of flour tortillas, so eating it turned into a half fish taco/half slaw taco. I also didn’t pick up on any of the sweet and spicy Thai sauce they supposedly put on there and the tacos were completely cold and soggy by the time they got to me. To be fair, this place is known for it’s chowder (literally the best in the entire nation, trust me) and sandwiches, but still. Y’all gotta put in a little more effort than that.  Decent price tag at $11.90 for three tacos, but overall I’d stick to the chowder.

Taste 1/5. Health 2/5. Price 3/5.

(EDIT: Fixed picture and description of sauce.)

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One thought on “Pike Place Chowder (Seattle, WA)

  1. Article does not accurately describe menu item I believe you may be confusing two places. Picture and price on front of article are correct, picture and price within article are incorrect. Pike Place Chowder serves two tacos, you describe a three taco meal, Pike Place Chowder also does a sweet and spicy Thai sauce, not a Thai Peanut sauce…please feel free to contact me for further clarification. I apologize that you received a poorly composed taco at our establishment. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve you a correctly prepared taco and would love to hear if your opinion changes. Thanks for visiting Pike Place Chowder. Jeremiah – Manager

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