Coa (Seattle, WA)

Coa (Seattle, WA)

My roommate Grant and I took two lovely ladies out for a nice little double date the other night (she seemed to really like the food… but didn’t seem to fond of Grant) and we decided Coa in Maple Leaf was the spot to hit. I of course ordered the fish tacos and a corona right off top. It was the kind of setup where they bring out everything on a plate with the tortillas on the side and you put em’ together yourself, which is always a good time. They grilled the whitefish up real nice and topped it with a super bomb grilled mango pico de gallo and some light citrus and agave. Came with corn tortillas and a side of mexican rice and beans. Overall pretty good with awesome presentation and service. Price was pretty steep at $16 though.

Taste 3/5. Health 4/5. Price 1/5.

COA Mexican Eatery and Tequileria on Urbanspoon


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