Anthony’s Homeport (Seattle, WA)

Anthony's Homeport (Seattle, WA)

Went down to the Ballard waterfront this last Friday to check out Golden Gardens with a beautiful girl in a red dress and we decided Anthony’s Homeport was the spot to hit after. This really is one of the best restaurant locations in the city in my opinion, sits right on the water and has an awesome view pretty much anywhere you sit. The blackened salmon on the fish tacos was probably about the best blackened salmon I’ve ever had, but the rest of it was pretty average. They were served up with a mango salsa that was actually pretty good, but the flour tortillas and the cabbage were both kind of soggy. These joints were super expensive at $16.95, but to be fair they gave me a ton of food with em, an entire plate of tortilla chips and a side caeser salad to be exact. Wouldn’t be my first choice to pair with fish tacos, but hey, it’s better than no caeser salad? Overall everything was pretty good though and if you combine that with the friendly service and the view and what not, it was a good experience. Step up your tortilla game Mr. Anthony and you will have one exquisite fish taco!

Taste 4/5. Health 3/5. Price 3/5.

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